• Providing a network for groups throughout Michigan to address underage alcohol use issues, share prevention program and resource ideas, and raise public awareness about the problem.

  • Providing training and technical assistance to community groups that are addressing underage alcohol use.

  • Increase opportunities for youth to be significantly involved in underage alcohol prevention.

  • Be active at the state and national level with public awareness and policy issues that will help reduce youth access to alcohol. 


The state wide Coalition was first called together in 1996 to discuss Michigan’s interest in applying for a grant made available from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This grant was for states which either were forming or had existing statewide coalitions working to address the issue of underage alcohol use. READ MORE


As MCRUD staff travel throughout Michigan and interact with those around the country working to prevent underage drinking, there are several questions that we are frequently asked about MCRUD.  In addition, there are several assumptions that are made which we find ourselves ether confirming or needing to correct.  Below is a list of points that may be helpful to those of you not familiar with MCRUD, or those who have been with us for awhile, but have never asked those important questions.





Appreciate the data resources and opportunity to share with one another.

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